2021 Programme to be announced

 Don’t worry if you missed the virtual micro festival.  You can watch the shows, musicians, events and workshops online again.

The Bells of Bridgwater would usually ring out to let you know the festival has begun. 2020 we have them here for you, online with thanks to the Bridgwater Times.

Watch again the  Festival Shows 

The Fourth Plinthe was organised by Somerset Film,  Engine Room, Bridgwater. An online digital plinth and game.

Click Here Somerset Libraries UK  – Virtual Poems and Stories from the Story Space. Thank you to  Bridgwater Library, each year is different and we look forward to seeing you in 2021.

Click Here  Bridgwater Arts Centre Virtual Pop-up Exhibition

Click Here  Blake Museum

Take part in an Indian Dance workshop – Click Here  Avtar Indian Dance Workshop


Click Here – Vivien Rybertt – Why I made Bridgwater my Home

Click Here – Mariusz  Poem – Melody from Language – In Polish and English

Click Here Bridgwater Together Film


Take Part in Creative makes. Click Here – Planet Munch

Free Recycled Rubbish Reef Workshop –  Creative makes from household waste.

You will need card, coloured paper, tissue paper and recycled household waste. PVA glue and different coloured paints.

Wear an apron and have fun creating. Share your creations with us by emailing  bridgwaterquaysidefestival@gmail.com your rubbish reef creations or sharing them on our facebook page –  click here.



Join In with Lets Dance Sedgemoor dance group that takes place throughout July and August. To find out more visit  Lets Dance Sedgemoor  There is also an opportunity to take part in next years festival !



Click Here to view Seed Sedgemoor, Creative People and Places. Building on local art and culture with the people of Sedgemoor

Click Here  to see the painting and poetry created for BQF2020 with Pete Stevenson  (aka Pete the Poet)



Thank you to Yvette Staelens for organising the Zoom singing session which took place as part of #BQF2020, we no longer have this available to view but you can join the Voices of the People Choir. Click Here to find out more.

Thank you to Mme Zucchini for the Zoom Virtual Vegetable Variety show and creative making session which took place as part of #BQF2020. We no longer have this available to view but we had a zooming great Veg Variety show with Leek Skywalker and creative making session with the wonderful potato heads!


Bridgwater Quayside Festival  SHOW’S !  

This was a creative production under lockdown supporting artists musicians, creatives, locally and further afield, making and creating work for you, our audiences, we hope to bring a smile to your face during this challenging time.

Thank you to the Artists who have contributed to the festival online programme!


Thank You to the Artists

Ben Cornish

Break Beat Bandits

Cian Austin – Lords of Strut

Claude Sandiford

Chris Bullzini

Cormac Mohally – Lords Of Strut

The 2 Macks


Inner State Theatre

Indian Man World Selector

Kris Madden

Tony Lidington

Fraser Hooper

Pocket Fluff

Planet Munch

Merlin Cadogan

Ms Merlinski

Mitchell and Vincent


Phoebe Hoyle

Rimski and Handerkerchief

Thank you to Lucy Hartland  supporting artists under lockdown & Lets Dance Sedgemoor

We would like to thank Arts Council England  for supporting the Bridgwater Quayside Festival @ Home 2020.


Twinning Town Evening

Did you know Bridgwater has 6 twin towns. La Ciotat in France, Homberg in Germany, Uherske Hradists in the Czech Republic, Marsa in Malta, Priverno in Italy and Camacha on the Portuguese island of Madeira. Each year, at the same time as the Quayside Festival, all the twinning towns get together for a weeklong celebration of internationalism culminating in an evening of music and chat alongside presentations of what each twin town has done this year.

We had a great evening watching some films, listening to some songs and joining in the conversation’s with our international partners and looking forward to when we can all meet again back in the real world.


Manage Fear with Becky Wright 

We are grateful for Becky Wright’s podcast from New Leaf Life Design  ‘Manage Fear’. This short podcast help’s you to manage your fear in returning to the High St.


Make sure you take the opportunity to experience and visit each activity, virtual site a new.  There is something for everyone to enjoy!



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